Xi Jessie Yang


Na Du (PhD, IOE) Ruikun Luo (PhD, Robotics) Qiaoning Zhang (PhD, UMSI) Yaohui Guo (PhD, IOE)
Taa Soratana (PhD, IOE) Sabrina Benge (MS, ECE) Yifan Wang (MS, ECE) Christine Searle (MS, Robotics)
Christopher Schemanske (UG, IOE) Jinyong Kim (UG, IOE)


  • Mukai Wang (BSE 2019, CSE), Data-driven methods to investigate people’s performance in multitasking environments. First position: MS student at UM.
  • Kevin Y. Huang (BSE 2019, IOE), Trust in automation. First position:
  • Shihan Lu (MS 2018, ME), Effects of a delay compensation aid on teleoperation of unmanned ground vehicles. First position: PhD student at University of South California.
  • Changhoon Kim (MS 2018, IOE), Trust dynamics in sequential decision making. First position: PhD student at Arizona State University.
  • Qiaoning Zhang (MS 2018, IOE), Evaluating effects of automation reliability and reliability information on trust dependence and dual-task performance”. First position: PhD Student at UMSI.
  • Mingxiang Fan (MS 2018, ECE), Trust dynamics in sequential decision making. First position: Software development engineer at Google.
  • Meng Yuan Zhang (BSE 2018, IOE), Evaluating effects of workload on trust in automation, attention allocation and dual-task performance. First Position: MS student at MIT.
  • Chenlan Wang (PhD, IOE). Automation trust: a Bayesian inference approach. First position: Moved to EECS.